IcoNic beauty was birth out of passion and a loss of a loved one.

I was born and raised in Brooklyn, N. Y., the neighborhood I grew up in was a huge melting pot of diverse cultures. Where different fashions blended from all parts of the world. I saw the women express themselves through fashion and makeup.

I love how makeup has the ability to bring ones features out and build confidence. I've witnessed eyelashes once applied, enhance the shapes and beauty of the eyes and the pigmented stains of a lipstick brings out the different color undertones of their skin.I love how the colors gave the ability to change an appearance.

This has always been a dream of mine that I placed on a back burner out of fear. Earlier this year I lost one of the closest people to me. It was then that I realized how short life is and that we are all on borrowed time. The time we do have should be used to pursue our passions and dreams, we owe it to ourselves.



During some of my darkest hours, I still made sure to apply my eyelashes and different color hue lipsticks depending on the mood I was in. I never wanted to look how I was feeling while having to work and exist around people.

Both men and women would come and compliment how nice a color looked on my complexion and how my eyelashes made my eyes pop. Those acknowledgements gave me the strength to push fear aside and chase my dreams with full speed.

I tested out a few of my favorite colored lipsticks by giving out samples. The feedback was enough for me to keep going as well as keep my mind off the loss of my loved one.



The name IcoNic appealed to me for a couple of reasons. One being "so admired that it could be the subject of an icon". I believe everyone wearing IcoNic beauty products will be admired for their beauty.

I wanted a catchy play on my birth given name "Nicole, IcoNIC".

IcoNic beauty represents the everyday individual who may or may not be going through life's obstacles but still puts on a brave face while doing so.